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Best driving instructor in Dublin, Ireland? Refrain from distracted driving. You should never drive distracted, and this is doubly important when road conditions are less-than-desirable. Stay off your phone, the radio, and even stop conversing during a heavy downpour or snowstorm.

This applies whenever and wherever you are driving. Are you on the highway preparing to exit? Be courteous to other drivers and signal your intentions. Sharing your plans with other cars allows them to plan around you – getting out of your way if you are merging, slowing down if they’re behind you and see that you’re about to turn, and so on. Of course, you also need to be watching for bicycles and other smaller or slower forms of transportation. In many places, bicycles don’t have a lane to themselves and aren’t allowed on the sidewalk, so they have to share the road with the cars. Allow them the space and time they need, and always keep your eyes out for them, particularly in your mirrors. You might not see a bicycle behind you, but if they’re going straight and you’re making a right turn, you could cut them off, causing a really dangerous accident!

If you need to make an emergency call, make sure that you pull over to a parking lot, or at least the side of the road, before you use your cell phone. Pay attention to all traffic signs: This is something that many drivers get out of the habit of doing, and they end up speeding or going the wrong way on one-way streets. If you are paying attention to all road signs, you will know what the posted speed limit is, and you can stay within it, which is a big part of defensive driving. Whatever you do, don’t follow what the driver ahead of you is doing. After all, he or she may not be following the rules of the road, and you will not be either, which can lead to an accident pretty quickly. Make sure that you obey all traffic lights as well. One wrong turn at a signal light could end up in a really bad accident. Read additional details at driving school Dublin.

Drive according to the conditions. Another common mistake that rookie drivers often make – and even more experienced drivers for that matter – is to not adapt their driving to the conditions. If it’s raining, you need to drive more slowly, if it’s raining hard you need to drive even more slowly – and if it’s snowing or icy, you really need to slow down a lot. If the conditions are really bad, consider not driving at all. Don’t speed. Seriously, don’t speed. Stick to the speed limit. Even for experienced drivers, speeding is dangerous and is one of best ways of increasing your risk of having an accident. Driving is not a race and speeding is not cool. If you have an accident, your insurance will increase, and you may seriously injure yourself or others. It’s not worth it.

Turn on the air conditioner. Even when you don’t use the air conditioner (for example, in winter), turn it on regularly for a short period of time. Otherwise, the coolant will seep out, and the tubes will be dry. Use the hand brake regularly. Even if you don’t do angle parking, use the hand brake regularly to keep it alive. The only exception is very cold weather. In such conditions, you’d better avoid using the hand brake so that the brake pads don’t freeze. Discover additional information on here.