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Premium human dog bed online store Australia: The HumanDogBedAU is called the “dog bed for humans,” because that’s basically what it is. Picture a classic dog bed: oval-shaped, low to the ground, and featuring plush bolsters all the way around. However, this dog bed is super-sized to fit a human comfortably. If you want a cozy alternative to a bean bag, the HumanDogBedAU could be a great option for you. You can easily nap, read, watch TV, scroll on your phone, play video games, or anything else you want in this human-sized dog bed. If you consider yourself a “floor person,” the HumanDogBedAU will make a great upgrade compared to sitting or lying on the floor without any cushioning. If you want a spot to nap besides your bed, the HumanDogBedAU provides a cozy napping spot outside your bed. Discover more details on human dog bed.

More and more people are discovering an unexpected source of superior comfort and support for napping and sleeping – the Nap Bed. Originally designed as a premium dog bed, the Nap Bed’s unique combination of features that pamper your pup happen to also pamper you. Its raised sides cradle your body, while its ultra-soft interior cushioning perfectly supports areas prone to pressure points. Its gently rounded shape allows you to nestle in and its slightly enclosed sides give a sense of comfort and security. Don’t be fooled by the name – while dogs love it, and the Nap Bed may just become your new favourite resting retreat. Whether you want to enjoy a nap under the sunny skies in your backyard, need a quick rest in your workspace, or even a cozy nap in your living room, this nap bed is your go-to solution. With a Nap Bed at your disposal, you can carve out space for relaxation in the hustle of your daily life and nap away anytime, anywhere.

Human dog bed online shopping today: Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM, a specialist in animal behaviour at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, states, “Many people find comfort and companionship in sleeping with their pets. Human dog beds seem to be an interesting compromise that meets the needs of both ends of the leash.” Dr. Brian Hare, a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, explains, “Dogs are extremely social, and they are excellent at reading emotions. Sharing rest time has a calming influence on them, reflecting on their behavior too.” These professional insights highlight the beneficial aspect of human dog beds from a holistic perspective, marking them as part of a modern approach towards pet care and shared relaxation.

Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of floor sleeping. This could be better sleep hygiene, posture improvement, or a healthier back. Turn your sleep ritual into your nightly self-care practice. Keep your sleeping area clean, put on your cozy pyjamas, and roll out your futon – consider this your preparation for quality sleep. Lastly, keep tuned to your progress. The journey to comfortable floor sleeping may seem long, but remember, every step forward counts! So, embrace the change and approach floor sleeping with positivity. The mind plays a vital role in determining what our body can accommodate, and with the right mindset, you’ll be partaking in a good night’s sleep on the floor in no time.

Dog beds for humans are an emerging sleep (nap) industry trend. An ingenious blend of a welcoming pet bed and a snug human bed, this intriguing piece of furniture captures the essence of mutual relaxation. These beds cater particularly to pet owners who cherish sharing intimate downtime with their doggies. The concept thrives on the bond we share with our pets, providing a common ground – quite literally – to enhance that feeling of camarity and companionship. Now, the lines are blurred in loving favor of shared spaces, which is gaining traction worldwide. How it all began: The Inspiration – The inspiration behind the Human Dog Bed came from our daily observations. Pet owners often find their pets snuggling up on their sofas or beds, seeking warmth, comfort and attention.

The continuous popularity of human dog beds spotlights their value and effectiveness. However, nothing speaks more about a product than the real experiences shared by its users. “My dog and I have never had a better sleep. It’s big, fluffy, and so comfortable. I love that my dog can have her space, and I can have mine, but we’re still together. Truly a great investment for us.” – Julie, dog owner of a Golden Retriever “The design is amazing. It’s so soft and inviting. I often find myself reading or working on it, and my dog loves it too! Perfect addition to our home.” – Tom, proud owner of a Siberian Husky “I was initially skeptical about such a big bed, but now I don’t regret it. The quality is great, and the fact that it’s portable is a bonus. Makes it much easier to clean and move around the house.” – Anna, a thrilled Bulldog mom. Read more info at

Choosing the correct sleep position can be the secret sauce for a good night’s sleep on the floor. Here’s where you might need to channel your inner yogi and flex your muscles to find the most comfortable slumber position. Back Sleepers: Back sleepers benefit greatly from floor sleeping. Keeping a flat posture is recommended, ensuring your head, neck, and spine are in a straight line. This position naturally alleviates pressure points and facilitates better body alignment. Side Sleepers: This can be a slightly challenging position on a hard surface due to the pressure applied to the hips and shoulders. However, using a high-loft pillow and placing a separate pillow between the knees can alleviate this. Stomach sleepers: This position might not be suitable for floor sleeping due to the immense pressure applied to the neck and lower back. If this is your preferred position, it might be time to try transitioning to side or back sleeping.

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